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Customer Competitive Company: satisfying the needs of our customer, staying competitive continually, and meeting the goal of our company. Established in 2004, over decades, we always try to be prospered and coexisted together with our purpose.

The philosophy of our company is to meet different clients’ requirement, emphasizes on current market’s fabrics trend with innovation and stays competitive all the time. Furthermore, the feedback from our clients is always deemed as our top priority.


Established in 2004, 3C-TEX is located in both New Taipei City and Chia-yi. Our main products are Synthetic fabric, including woven/knitted and with multiple functional finished. Furthermore, we are more willing to co-developer customized products according to customers' needs.

As part of the bluesign member, not only focus on water saving; we also aim to provide more sustainable options to our clients; we both focusing on the recycle materials, and providing “bio-mass”, “energy-saving”, and mono-material functional textile.

In order to provide more opportunities to meet our clients at the first hand, and bring in the latest innovation trends into our R&D, we participate in variety fair each year; such as: ISPO Munich, Performance Days, Snow Show in Denver, and FFF in New York.

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To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
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Techtextil Frankfurt
23to26April2024/Hail11.1 E41B  Frankfurt-BoothLocationMapclick
Dragon Year!
HappyNewYear!SpeakingofChineseNewYear,whatusuallycomestomindisdeliciouscuisine,firecrackers,anddragons.Butdidyouknow?Apartfromthesethings,thereisalsoatraditionalcustominancientChina,whichinvolvesbuyingnewclothes.Inancienttimes,peopleusedtoliveinverypoorconditions,lackingtheexcessmoneytopurchasenewclothesonregulardays. However,duringChineseNewYear,theelderswouldbuynewclothesorfabricsforfamilymembers.Themeaningbehindthistraditionistowardoffbadluckinthecurrentyearandwishforgoodluckinthefollowingdays.Nowadays,eventhoughmostpeoplenolongersufferfromthatkindofpoverty,theystillbuynewclothestocontinuethetradition.Recently,high-costfeather-madeproductshavealsobecometheprimarychoicefortheNewYear,withpeopleparticularlylikingtogivethemaspresentstoshowcasetheirhighsocialstatus.Anotherfavoredproductistextileclothes,suchaswindproofjacketsandgloves.Theseproductscanprovideextrawarmthwhencombinedwithdifferentmaterials.Forexample,theself-heatingvestnotonlyofferstheabilitytoavoidcoldnessbutalsomaintainstheconvenienceoftakingitoffatanytime.
PERFORMANCEDAYS - Functional Fabric Spring 2024
MUNICH&ONLINEMARCH20-21,2024.Boothno.I16, HallC02
Hall4 4-424,29February-3March2024 
No.141, Te-An Rd., Chaiyi City, 60085 Taiwan
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