From light weighted and breathable single layer to muti-functions’ muti-layers textile, 3C-TEX, with decades’ experience in synthetic woven textile, is always glad to provide the high quality on outdoor garments.
Water Proof & Moisture Vapor Permeability
Suitable for backpacking, hiking, and even for the water activities, the water proof and moisture vapor permeability fabric provides the best material for outdoor garment to keep you dry both from the rain and the sweat.
Water proof & Breathability
For the winter sports lover; the water proof and breathability membrane is able to provide the high quality protection from the melted snow and keep the breathability running smooth inside the jacket.
Wind proof & Down proof
For both wind proof & down proof fabric, by changing the density of the textile, this could both block the wind and prevent the feather coming through, still keep the whole garment in good breathability. We are able to provide from single layer with ultra light weight to muti-layers products to meet different requirements.
From 2 way to 4 way stretch, our comfort category include light weight, soft hand feel, and temperature control function. Suitable for daily wear, and for athlethleisure.
Using the special yarn or extra finished process, our CARE fabric collection includes: UV-cut, Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Odor and Anti-bacterial…etc. With these caring functions, the collection fabric could provide consumers have a better and enjoyable daily lives.
To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
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