TPEE (TPE-E) Membrane

Water proof & breathability is commonly known function for the outdoor jackets, and then the water proof membrane becomes very important for the function. Membranes’ material might be PU/TPU/TPEE/PTFE, however, even all of them are able to be “water proof”, the different materials provide different functional levels and physical characteristics.

TPEE (TPE-E) membrane is both functional also sustainable; it’s very suitable for the sustainable/environmental friendly purpose for everyone. Plus, the membrane can be made from the GRS certified materials and the garment could enter the single-material-made garment recycling circularity.


●   Aging Resistance: Hydrolysis resistant (not easy being broken by the water contact), Weather resistance

Temperature Adapting: has wider range on temperature adapting, even in -40℃, the TPEE still able to keep its’ flexibility

Recycle Material: able to use GRS certified recycled material to produce the TPEE membrane.

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TPEE (TPE-E) Membrane
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