Tie Dyed Finish-- Your Own Colors

Garment Tie dye, and Batik has been attracted their own lovers among the fashion world by their unique patterns and colors' changing possibilities.

However, could we only rely on the limited capacity, hand-made process to produce these special patterns by rope-tie method, hand-folded process and hand coloring in different area of the fabric?

We have a more efficient way: by combining the dye-stuff ink jet which equipped with the specific programs, and the profession dyeing masters’ ideas, especially their rich experience. With this solution-tie dyed finished, we are totally able to achieve the special color pattern effect without sacrificing lead time and production capacity.

The tie dyed Finish is not only able to keep the special parts: unique and non-repeated pattern, beyond the regular and fitted designs, but still providing the muti-layers effect, rich in colors, and having more capacity comparing the traditional, old-fashion hand-made way.

Suitable Fabric: PET (Polyester), PA (Nylon); either with spandex or not

Color Fastness: same rating comparing with piece dyed and dyestuff print

Finished: not limited on after finished for tie-dye, either with wicking or water-repellent is doable, or even with muti-layers membrane

Fabric Sample: R518-F1010, TT-Y00112E-F1011

To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
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