Flame Retardant Textile
flame retardant

Upon the rising demand on flame retardant fabric to protect daily work and potential hazard, 3C-TEX is able to provide the flame retardant fabric that the function can either by yarn ,coating , lamination films or by other finishing.

Flame retardant textile could be produced either by yarn or by chemicals. Using high LOI (Limiting oxygen index) yarns, like: Aramid, Modacrylic, or Charcoal yarn, the textile is able to equipped life-long ability on flame retardant. Or by using chemistry finished, using flame retardant chemistry or coating to place a protecting shield from the danger of flame.

Either by yarn or by chemical ways, or even combined these two process together, 3C-TEX could provide the flame retardant textile, suitable for housing textile, daily garment and work wear garment, to protect wearer from the threat of naked flame.

To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
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