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Temperature Control textile: without taking away the comfort, we added the temperature adjusts ability to our temperature control textile; from heat preservation, cooling to smart temperature control textile, either suitable for winter outdoor, summer activities, or daily wear and office wear.

Heat preservation: by using the nano-carbon or graphene. Their Far-IR Spectral Emissivity and high thermal conductivity ability, plus combine the proper yarn/textile structure to acquire the heat preservation function.

Cooling: using quick wicking function (Heat of evaporation), the heat produced by the human body will be dissipated, and thus reach the cooling effect.

Smart Temperature Control: by using the material, for example: PCM (Phase Change Material) or grapheme, that would change either absorb the heat or exothermal depends on the temperature, we create textile that is able to keep the body in a comfortable temperature.

To meet customers’ targets, to keep ourselves competitive, and achieve our company’s goal as the greatest textile supplier!
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